Principles of Life

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Principles of Life

Be kind to those who are weak and be strong those who are powerful.


- Only those who are healthy can enjoy the right to rule themselves.
- You have to make a pledge with scared words to dedicate your life to your country.


- If you can see others with your eyes, you are a good person. However, if you can listen to others with your ears, and if you can think about others' happiness with your brain, you are a better person.
- A person leave money or name behind after death. However, what is most valuable is something that you leave for the society.
- If you recognize how valuable your presence is through a failure, the failure has already become your asset.


- Credit is a company's life.
- The foremost goal of a company is the pursuit of profits. However, profits must be acquired as a reward of honest and earnest business activities.
- Functions of a company should include the education for fostering competent and beneficial human resources.
- Honesty should be the perpetual tradition of Yuhan Corp.


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A Man Who Realized Stewardship with the Creeds of Diligence, Earnestness, and Honesty

Growing up in the US, the home of capitalism, Dr. Ilhan New learned the genuine principles of capitalism in the period when Korea lost its sovereignty and was ruled by Japanese Imperialism. He nurtured his love of his country by associated with many friends and fellows including Jae-pil Seo, who devoted themselves to the independent movement in the foreign land. After returning his home land, he practiced the genuine principles of capitalism through his business activities. He was a divine merchant and a respected patriotic entrepreneur. His creeds were diligence, earnestness, and honesty, and he practiced prudence even in his private life. Besides, he never allowed his family to live a luxurious life.

Since Dr. Ilhan New was a born Christian, his entire life reflects Christianity and religious reverence. Many commentators stated that Dr. Ilhan New realized the "Stewardship" of the Bible through his principles of business management. A steward is not the owner. He is entrusted with the owner's properties to manage and has to work faithfully more than any other people. Managing the entrusted properties is the role of a steward. Dr. Ilhan New realized the "Stewardship" throughout his life.

You can lead your life only when you do something with your own power.

"My grandpa never urged me to be someone. He just asked me to be whatever I wanted to be or to do whatever I wanted to do, but do so not being dependent to others. He hated the kind of people who are always complaining or negative all the time. More than anything else, he emphasized that we should never be lazy. He used to tell me that I have to have self-esteem," says Yi-ling New, recalling Dr. Ilhan New. She was the only one who inherited from Ilhan New among the bereaved family members. However, her inheritance was just 10,000 USD for her education. Dr. Ilhan New taught her how to catch fish, rather than catching fish for her. He is not with us now, but his spirit is still alive in the mind of his granddaughter.

Much influenced by her grandfather, Yi-ling New lives her life, having as a creed his grandfather words, "Study hard and never give up until you fulfill your determination." She added, "I was born in the US and studied and lived there, but I have felt that I'm Korean after I learned about my grandfather's life. I will do my best to realize my grandfather's spirit. I will live my life to inherit his principles. He once told me like this: You can lead your life only when you do something with your own power."