Ilhan New the Educator

Ilhan New the Educator

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Life of Ilhan New


Ilhan New the Educator

An educated person may develop the capability to contribute to the society, while an uneducated person may wither without displaying the talent.

In the view of educational scholarship work, Dr. Ilhan New considered the fostering of human resources as important as managing a business. In particular, he felt the urgent need for establishing a special institute for fostering human resources in technologies, which were very few in Korea. In 1957, he established Goryeo Engineering Academy in Sosa region with his own fun, and devoted to the fostering of technical human resources, providing free education, lodging and meals to all students.

The name of the academy was changed to Korean Vocational School in 1961, and then to Korean High Technical School in March, 1964. In December, 1964, a new school building was built in Hang-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu where Yuhan Technical High School was started. This school established the department of mechanical engineering, electric engineering, architecture, and automobile engineering. It fostered excellent technical human resources by providing scholarship to all students. From 1967, Yuhan Middle School was also operated.


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What matters is not how much you know. What truly matters is how you apply what you know.

Dr. Ilhan New thought that educational works are important than more than anything else among the corporate social responsibilities, and thus made a lot of efforts in education. In the period of poverty and adversity in Korea, immediately after the Korean War.

What was urgently needed was to exempt the educational fee and provide free food, clothing, and shelter to train poor children to grow to be technicians. Once the economy was developed and the living standards were elevated, it was more efficient to foster competent human resources and skilled workers in a regular technical high school to realize his own educational principles. That's why he put his energy to the foundation of a technical high school.




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Yuhan Technical High School, where all students have been given scholarship, has been established and operated to return the company's profit to the society. Soon after the establishment of Yuhan Technical High School, Yuhan Vocational College was also established.

In addition, the Trust Fund for Korean Society and Education Aids (currently, Yuhan Foundation) and other public utility foundations were established to support education and scholarship works.