Ilhan New’s Prayer

Ilhan New’s Prayer

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Ilhan New's Prayer
Almighty God, Creator of all things


We humbly thank you for the blessings and hopes that you have given us. Help us to grow further by learning from past mistakes as we live on the earth. Please take away the sorrow and remorse from our hearts. Give us your holy spirit and boldness so that we may take our course of life, being freed from yesterday's prejudice and tomorrow's fear.

Please allow us to overcome any temptations and conquer any greed, jealousy and envy. Give us the power to get over any frustration, hatred, and pain. Oh, Lord! Save us from the valley of anger, disappointment, and adversity, and remove the sense of defeat, failure and futility from us.

Help us to control ourselves when expressing ourselves. Help us to listen others carefully with understanding and compassion. Make us be wise to commend and recognized what is good in others, rather than criticizing their transgressions. Help us to understand what is more important in life, and give us the abilities to enjoy what is good to us today and develop brotherly affection with patience and kindness.

Above all, fill our hearts with humility and love for our neighbors so that we may live our life with peace of mind, working together with all the people in world for a good purpose. Amen.